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Kat asked on 3/29/2020

Are any of the lake sites set up for fifth wheel/travel trailer to back in and have patio and utilities on the correct side?

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Answered on 3/30/2020:

Hi Kat Interesting question. We had called to book for this past winter months ago while it was being built and asked for waterfront back in for our 5th wheel Big Horn. Upon arrival Feb 1 the waterfront was not complete yet and looking at our site discovered the waterfront were all for pull-ins. When questioned they indicated that there were definitely issues with the design/location of most all the pedestals ... many needing 40-60' septic hoses to reach and 50 ' of electric/water. They placed us in a very nice completed back-in site though and we are happy with it. Much of the park is still under construction and I suspect will be complete by end of April. If you look at their site map on their webpage, here is the inside scoop!! Currently all sites on the waterfront from 58 - 100 are all pull-in coach sites. As I type this construction is very quickly going on for the sites all to the right of the entrance ... and I can see that sites 13-28 are all going to be back ins for our 5th wheels ... as well as all the outside perimeter sites in that section sites 43-57. All the center section is very long pull throughs. This summer when it is quieter they are going to relocate many of the pedestals. It was rumored that the planners involved in the placement of the pedestals were not RVers!! A staff member has also told me that they MAY change the pedestals on lakefront sites 58-65 as it is easier for an RV to enter and back into those sites ... as the coaches need to drive around the park to enter at the right angle. We asked for a waterfront back-in next winter in the new section right of the entrance ... and were told they were already booked. Unfortunately they did not take names (our name!) for a first option on those sites even though they messed up our original request many months ago for a waterfront. So ... we are booked in site #45 with the request on file to let us know if there is a cancellation on the waterfront for one of the back-in sites ... and ... IF they convert 58-65 to back-ins. We have a pet and they have a great pet area in the newest section also. Sorry if I got long winded here :) Hope this helps you out. We really like this park ... especially that electricity is all included and our 2 A/Cs have been running straight out!!

Answered on 3/31/2020:

Yes, there are back in sites that can accomodate 5th wheels, travel trailers and toy haulers. We have lakefront sites 13-28 that are already booked for next season, but we are currently completing sites 1-12 as back in sites. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book a stay.
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Spirit of Adventure 2.0
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Answered on 3/30/2020:

I’m not sure. The reason is that all I f the pedestals were installed on the wrong side and they were going to fix them after season. If you call the office they’ll be able to answer that for you. Nice place!! Enjoy