Question about Telephone Cove

Cork asked on 1/28/2022

Anyone been here lately, how is the road?

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Answered on 4/16/2022:

Just left 2 weeks ago. The usual washboard but very passable.

Answered on 3/16/2022:

Road was Bumpy but good on 3/10/2022
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Answered on 2/9/2023:

ROUGH. I imagine if you have a heavier rig it might be a better ride, but my little pop up was bouncing all over the place. The road is washboard with lots of washout (not deep though) around the larger smooth rocks in the road. Camped here 02/08/2023

Answered on 8/28/2022:

was their yesterday.. very bumpy but my 2016 chevy malibu did just fine.
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Answered on 1/30/2022:

I was on it in November of 2121....was really wanting to camp there. It was horrible even in my Seqouia. It hasn't been maintained in ages....needs grading so bad. It's the washboard the entire way...HEAVY DUTY washboard. I refused to bring my trailer over it because it shook my suv to pieces. Zero doubt it would do some sort of damage to my trailer if I tried. If you don't care about your trailer or's certainly doable.
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Answered on 1/29/2022:

It’s been a few years since we went to telephone cove, but when we did we dropped our fifth wheel off in a big parking lot in Laughlin and just drove our truck to check out the road.