Question about Stewarts Point Dispersed Camping

Becky H asked on 10/30/2022

Does anyone know the distance you have to drive to get down near the water? We are at Kingman Wash now and it’s 3 miles to the water. Looking for something that’s not quite as far. The bumpy road is hard on the TT ( and us!). Thanks!

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Answered on 10/30/2022:

Google maps shows it was about 2.5 miles down Stewarts point road. IIRC, most of that stretch was a washboard and we just had to take it really slow. We stayed at the top overlooking the water. It was a few hundred yards easy walk to the water. But that was 3 years ago, so with the water levels, it is probably further distance to the water now. The section of “road” from the higher area down to the water level had some severely sketchy spots that I didn’t even think I could make it down, let alone back up.
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Answered on 10/31/2022:

Yep Kingman wash can be a challange with the big bumps! Stewarts point was always our preferred place unless we had to move on. Lots of places to stop overlooking the water but if you go right down it can be bumpy and you will get fishermen all the time. As suggested stop at the place where the pit toilet is. Best places we always found were towards the water and go left. There is a ridge (not very high) and going over it it drops away gentle to lots of places above the lake. Not been for a few years but this should help. Also as you leave Stewarts point turn left on the main road and about 100 yards on the right there are rubbish dumpsters.
Freddie O
Freddie O
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Answered on 10/30/2022:

We were there early this year in January so the water level is definitely lower but not as far as 3 miles. When you get down to the dirt road, there is a pit toilet that I would park my TT and then check out the area. There is many spots to choose from to boondock and be far from neighbors. Driving to your spot you need to take it slow but doable. Like Jon said it'll be a few hundred yards to the water but worth it.