Question about Sogerive Halte RV Park


mikelcesc asked on 10/9/2021

Does anyone know if this campground is still in business? Official website leads me to believe it is now only a marina and private club. Thanks.

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Answered on 10/10/2021:

Give them a call (450) 442-9575. My notes from 2018 indicate the gate house is manned 24/7. Hard to believe they'd close the city-owned park (I believe) would close, even if it is mediocre--unless it's for Covid-19. It is awfully convenient for visiting Montreal. Warning: on the 30amp service, we experienced some hours of only 108-109 volts, so our EMS shut off the shore power. BTW, don't follow your GPS blindly--it will probably take you to the marina.

Answered on 7/13/2022:

I know this answer may no longer be relevant for you, but it looks like the campground is still open according to this website: