Question about Snyder Hill BLM

Stormbird asked on 2/2/2020

Do you have to have a permit to camp here?

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Answered on 2/3/2020:

No permit required
Buffalo, NY
Chevrolet Sonic
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Answered on 2/2/2020:

No, but it's first come, first served.
Missoula, MT
26' Forest River SUNSEEKER 2390TS
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Answered on 2/2/2020:

No, its BLM land. Free 14 day stay limit.
John T
21' Coachmen Viking 21RD
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Answered on 2/2/2020:

No permit required, but the 14 day camping limit is strictly enforced. The ranger comes round and takes photos of newly-arrived RVs and of their license plates for evidence of your arrival date.
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Answered on 2/2/2020:

We never had a permit/nor did we hear from any of the other campers that one was/that they had a permit. The BLM usually allows a 14 day stay. There was a sign posted when we stayed there and we stayed 14 days every year for about three years when we were exploring that area. We enjoyed the spot!
Host Industries
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Answered on 2/2/2020:

Good morning fellow camper! No, you do not need a permit to camp there.
Rich Bob
35' Forest River Rockwood
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Answered on 2/2/2020:

No permit needed. Please pack out all your trash.
40' Mci mc-8
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