Question about Snyder Hill BLM

Dustin asked on 2/1/2020

Does anyone know a place near by to fill water?

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Answered on 2/8/2020:

On two separate occasions, we went to Justin's Diamond J RV park right down the road. They don't have a separate water fill station, but will let you pull into an RV site, if one is available, to fill tanks.
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Answered on 4/7/2020:

Shell, 6150 S Klob Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756 free dump and potable water. propane
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Answered on 2/1/2020:

Carol is correct. Theres a gas station a couple miles away to fill water jugs. There aren't any nearby natural water resources. Bring firewood I'd you want a fire. You won't find a single twig.
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Answered on 2/1/2020:

It’s been a while but we went to a nearby campground to dump but we didn’t need water. For drinking water we took jugs to the nearby gas station and filled them for 25 cents/gallon. I will try to look back thru my journal and see if I made a note.