Question about Snyder Hill BLM

Wanderland Travelers

Wanderland Travelers asked on 1/21/2021

How are the roads here during/after rain? Can't tell if the roads are sand or dirt, thanks!

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Pilot Point, TX
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Answered on 1/21/2021:

Packed dirt with some soft areas. Rutted lanes in many places. If you stay in the central clearing you should be ok but some of the remote sites will be iffy in a hard rain. We stopped using Snyder Hill because of the trash and broken glass.
Living A Stout Life
Living A Stout Life
Sheridan, CO
24' BT Cruiser - RAIF
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Answered on 1/21/2021:

Not sure how the roads are during or after rain, as it didn't rain significantly while we were there. But the roads are dirt and seemed fairly substantial. Our biggest concern was clearance because of some ruts, etc., but we navigated it ok. There is also Old Ajo Highway BLM Dispersed right next to Snyder Hill, which looked to have very easy in and out and big open flat space. Lots of big Class As were parked there.

Answered on 2/27/2021:

Roads are fine