Question about Smithsonian Butte Dispersed Camping

jzorn asked on 3/9/2021

How far is it each way (the rough and easier) to Zion?

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Answered on 3/11/2021:

Well it has been a few years since I have been there and it was only for one night so I did a little research and from Springdale area southside of Zion national Park to Smithsonian Butte they have said it takes about 35-45 and that is probably up to the area which you would park lower down or maybe 10 minutes more up to the summit but you definitely need four-wheel-drive for that. Do not attempt an RV or a truck pulling a trailer or if it is muddy but the views are worth it enjoy. And I think we went through Grafton but you can do your own research easily by just looking up Smithsonian Butte on the Internet.
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Answered on 3/10/2021:

The easier way is like 40 miles, The rough way would take as long time-wise probably, not sure the distance but it is actually tough. I questioned it and tried myself in a Ram 1500.