Question about San Mateo Mountains Dispersed Camping

View rv asked on 2/24/2021

Any nice OHV trails near San Mateo Mountains Dispersed Camping?

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Answered on 2/25/2021:

You guys rock Nd thanks for answering the ?

Answered on 2/25/2021:

I live in the area and there are many trails and dry creek beds throughout. You could spend days exploring the surrounding area.
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Answered on 2/25/2021:

There are so many trails! The road we camped on, 945 acceded from Red Rock Rd was the farthest we could get in with our fifth wheel. We did the whole look with our duallie truck (945/945A/944) and it would have been easier and more fun in something smaller, we almost didn’t make it because of our width. Check out the forest website.