Question about Rainbow Point Campground

Nanucks asked on 7/26/2022

Can we attach a hose to the potable water spigot to fill the trailer tank?

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Answered on 9/1/2023:

The camp ground host said we couldn’t use the water inside the campground for our rv . 2023
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Answered on 7/26/2022:

There is a threaded spigot near the self service pay station as you enter camp. This would be the best spot to fill up as you can safely pull off the road to do so. There are spigots scattered around the camp loops but they are few and far between so you would either need a REALLY long hose or block traffic while you stop in the middle of the road.
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Answered on 7/26/2022:

I’m not absolutely sure but I would say yes. What I’m not sure about is whether the fresh water spigots have threads for your hose. I was filling water jugs and refreshing my tanks.