Question about Pecan Grove RV Park


Pacifica asked on 10/5/2021

What kind of reservation system does this place have? Can you reserve in advance and if so, how far out?

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Balboa Land Yacht
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Answered on 12/27/2021:

None, call or show up. Not a place for type A folks. Keep expectations in check and enjoy.
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Answered on 10/5/2021:

We booked a week before. They have two close locations. One has full hookups and the other is a parking lot which it look like they are trying to convert to a full hookup. The parking lot is called turtle grove or something like that. Stay in pecan grove. Rent some e-bikes and enjoy. Also we paid when we got there. And if no one is around pick a spot and text them your spot number.
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Answered on 11/11/2022:

Just spoke to the manager. They now only take reservations 30 days out.
Jerry T.
Jerry T.
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Answered on 10/8/2021:

I called directly to the office. I think I called a month or two in advance.
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Answered on 10/5/2021:

System? There is no system. You need to call in and talk to the manager. If a spot is available, he will write your name in on a paper and pencil book. Old school.