Question about Oceanside Harbor

Klo asked on 5/14/2022

What is the max length of RV allowed at Oceanside Harbor?

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San Diego, CA
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Answered on 5/21/2023:

We saw an old school bus come in. Took up two lengths of parking and I imagine he had to pay for both spots.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Answered on 4/6/2023:

I don't know if there is an official size, but total length that fit in the spot was about 45 feet. Our TT is 25 foot bumper to hitch and our truck was 21 feet and we hung into the roadway an inch or two and he almost ticketed us. They are super crazy about everything here. They actually have a washer on a string they hang from your bumper if it looks like its in the road and they ticket you if you're in the fire lane.