Question about Nomad View Dispersed Camping

ellie asked on 2/4/2021

Hey y'all! I'm from AZ so I don't know much about snow but am traveling back to college and need to pass through SD, would Nomad View be safe land to stay on? Would I even be able to drive out there in the winter? 2/4/21

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Jordan, MN
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

Yes go. I live in Minnesota and we do not stop winter from stopping us from living life. Thats what camping is an adventure and a story.
Merrimack, NH
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Answered on 2/5/2021:

I’m from NH. I wouldn’t go. Too early right now. Roads may be plowed but still covered in packed snow. Not good for trailer brakes. Jack knife heaven. Too early. Could get hit with 2’ of snow. Not unheard of and common. Stay put. I’m in Quartzsite. Waiting till April to head home
Voyagers On Wheels
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Answered on 2/4/2021:

You'd have to check the weather forecast and then keep an eye on it. It can be really windy and if it's cold the wind chill will make it frigid. I would not drive on the road if its wet but if it's cold enough it should be solid but watch out for ice. However, if you are traveling back to college and are going by car there is little chance you could stay warm enough. You are totally exposed.