Question about Nomad View Dispersed Camping

Wandering Pulse

Wandering Pulse asked on 9/10/2019

I'm headed there in a few days (class C) and have read the reviews and studied the satellite map. I see one turn off about 4.7 miles south of the interstate and another further on, about 6.4 miles. Which is the best way to go?

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19' Winnebago Solis
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Answered on 9/10/2019:

The 4.7 mile turn in is a bit sketchy for your first time in there. It could be a mud pit if it's been raining, but there are some nice spots that way. BUT the 6.4 turn (by the antennas) is definitely the main entrance. Yes, turning right at the Y (per Blake) has closer spots, but generally closer means more crowded. Left goes for quite a while and has some pretty sweet spots. But don't go that way if it's wet. Unless you like to slip and slide. Expect wind (and I mean WIND) either way you go. It's South Dakota and you are exposed on the side of a cliff.
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Answered on 9/11/2019:

The second road. Just look for the twin antennas on your left. When you get to the road STOP. If there is traffic behind you too bad for them. You must look down the road and make sure no rig is coming the other way. There are no turn outs on the road and if you meet another rig you’ll both be in trouble.
26' Jayco 26RKS
GMC Sierra 2500 HD
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Answered on 9/10/2019:

I always used the road further down, and it seemed like that was the one most people were using. It looked like they had just put some fresh gravel on it. There were some large antennas/towers right by the road and that was what I always looked for to know where to turn. Also if you go down this way you'll hit a fork and you can go left or right. Going to the right is shorter and that's where the more scenic sites are (in my opinion). There's also a large turnaround down there. I'd suggest going that way and if you can't find a site you like there, then turn around and go back the other direction. That way goes on for miles so you'll definitely find a spot.
North Sioux City, SD
39' Entegra Coach Accolade Super C
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Answered on 4/23/2021:

We just arrived in a 39ft Super C, and there is a Blue/green fence on either side of the cattle grate entrance, no gate to open or close. It's about 1/4 mile before the park entrance on HWY 240, on the left side.
Coppell, TX
41' Newmar Dutch Star
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Answered on 9/23/2021:

As of late September 2021, coming in the first road proved better for us in 40' class A. Pretty crowded with most at second or main entrance. Shorter distance to camping spots at first road. The road was better too. This is in dry conditions. Only caveat is there is a steep climb to the right from the first entrance. Suggest checking both out while disconnected. That can be done in Wall temporarily..