Question about Mt. Madonna County Park

MeMaAitken asked on 9/26/2020

When camping at Mt. Madonna County Park, what kind of bugs or critters should I prepare for? 😊

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Answered on 2/15/2023:

In the group sites there have been wild boar - heard at night, but never saw them.
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Rickster - Bambi

Answered on 9/26/2020:

I am sure there will be a few raccoons about, but I didn’t see any. The only critter I encountered was a white rooster that woke me at around 6:30 am. He hung out by my campsite for a while. Very friendly.
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Answered on 9/26/2020:

I was there in winter and don’t recall any bugs at all. There are I imagine the regular wildlife-skunks, raccoons, deer, mountain lion ( which you are highly unlikely to see). I always pack feet-free repellent and a Citronella candle, but didn’t use either. BTW, the park is beautiful. I decided to dry camp as the non-electric campgrounds were much nicer. The spaces in the campground with hook ups were pretty close together and the area was very shady. I love this campground.