Question about Morefield Campground

T&K asked on 7/18/2020

Can you use a generator at Morefield campground?

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Answered on 7/19/2020:

Generators were being used when we were there in 2017. If allowed, I'm sure there were the usual quiet hours. I don't remember seeing any signs and the paperwork I found doesn't say "no generators". Of course, that's three years ago.
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Answered on 5/29/2021:

There is a "tent loop" that does not allow generators. The Hopi loop, which is dry camping, does allow generators. The people in the site next to us ran theirs from 6am to 10 pm. Those are allowable hours, but please don't be as obnoxious as them. Next time, we'll stay in the tent loop, which allows RVs, but no generators.
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Answered on 7/19/2020:

We were in the loop with full hook up so I’m not positive I would call them and ask. Some national parks allow them but can only run them certain hours.