Question about Montpelier Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wrsleeth asked on 1/25/2022

Does anyone know if this dump station is still closed in 2022? Thanks!

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Answered on 6/5/2023:

OPEN again (6/2023)

Answered on 7/28/2022:

It closed

Answered on 3/10/2022:

There is one in Barre on Treatment Plant Drive.
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Answered on 1/25/2022:

When I was by in December it was still closed. I wrote to the city engineer to try to learn why it has been closed but never received a response. It is the only dump station in the area. Now that it is closed you could use the dump station in Little River State Park in Waterbury when it is open (late spring/summer/early fall) closed in winter. I am working on a composting toilet as the next closest winter dump station is in Rutland which is a long drive from Montpelier. Good luck!