Question about Monticello Point Road Dispersed Camping


Beth asked on 3/11/2022

Has anyone stayed here recently? I can't find anything on the BLM website nor on Google Maps except for these coordinates - Thanks!

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Answered on 3/12/2022:

I stayed there for a night in January and was the only one. Nice and quite. There are two places as you head east of I-25, one on the right and then one on the left that are very large and fairly flat. I stayed at the one on the left. You can take the road much further but I liked being fairly close to the freeway to leave the next day. You could barely hear the traffic noise even outside your RV.
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Answered on 2/5/2023:

I’m here now. Fantastic. I passed maybe 4 spots to find an empty one. Not too many spots here. So nice! Completely quiet, 4 bars ATT service.