Question about Mittry Lake Wildlife Area

Craig asked on 1/20/2022

How long is the drive on the dirt road to Mittry Lake Wildlife Area? Thanks!

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Answered on 1/20/2022:

Depends on which direction you're coming from. Coming from Yuma, the dirt road is about 2 miles. Coming from the Proving Ground area, dirt road is about 5 miles. Dirt road is pretty good condition and I think recently graded. Bad part of having a good condition road is people feel free to fly on it. Very nice area to boondock.
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Answered on 1/20/2022:

I seems to recall it's about a mile /- on the right. You'll most likely see some folks camped over there and it also has a small pier and a dirt boat ramp.
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Answered on 1/20/2022:

The biggest camping area (just south of the boat launch) is about 6 miles of dirt road coming from the north, or 3-4 coming in from the south. Both routes are wide and flat.