Question about Mittry Lake Wildlife Area


LauraH asked on 1/6/2022

Are there hiking or walking trails near the campsites at Mittry Lake Wildlife Area?

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Life's Little Adventures
Life's Little Adventures
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Answered on 1/6/2022:

Yes, great hiking for miles above the camping area, can be accessed from behind the boat launch restroom parking lot.
Paul & Jean
Paul & Jean
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Answered on 1/9/2022:

The camping is dispersed and the dirt roads are used by ATV's. We were able to go for walks, but we are not hikers. We found a spot high on a rise where we could watch the wildlife. Go for it. It is worth it.

Answered on 1/6/2022:

I am an avid hiker and wanted to explore the area so badly, but I has broken my ankle just 2 weeks prior and was in a walking boot. While I can walk with it, the off-balance hurts my opposite hip too much to do any hiking. Go and explore. It's beautiful and there are sites for any size RV.
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Answered on 1/6/2022:

I'm sure there is. I didn't see one but there are trails and also the road as well. It's pretty remote so even the road is a good hike. We just did most of our walking around the camping area which was quite large. Here is a link to some other reviews that include hiking.