Question about Mittry Lake Wildlife Area

Ledhead asked on 12/26/2021

Is there any potable water available at Mittry Lake Wildlife Area? Dump Station? Thanks!

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Answered on 1/6/2022:

The Speedway dumpstation is out of order for the next few months. The next closest option is the civic center, $10 to dump, non-potable water. You must check in at the civic center office, leave your drivers license and return the key in exchange.
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Answered on 12/27/2021:

No potable water or dump station. There is a free dump at a Speedway but the water is not labeled potable in Yuma or pay to dump at Loves. We generally filled up with water (yes, our whole tank) from the drinking water stations around town. Yuma water is horrible, even after filtering and is quite hard.
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Answered on 1/6/2022:

We used to pay to dump at Laguna RV Park about 10 miles south. Not sure if they still allow this. Their water was potable but is so hard we also just filled our tank from the drinking water stations in town.