Question about Miller Canyon Camping Area

Yojimi asked on 1/15/2020

Can I take my 30 ft Winnebago here? Thanks

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Answered on 3/15/2020:

I was just up there with my 25' (29' overall) TT. Stayed at a spot just above the lower parking lot. There is a wash, so backing in got the rig to some big angles. The site is very unlevel. I used about 4 inches of leveling blocks. To get out, I pulled up the road then backed down to the parking lot to turn around. The road is wide enough to making backing easy. Absolutely gorgeous area, well worth the trouble getting in and out! Personally, I wouldn't go any further up with a large and/or tall rig, because there are low hanging trees and I don't want to rip off my AC cover.
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Answered on 3/15/2020:

I haven't been but I was wondering the same thing about my 25' and tow - this is what a prior reviewer posted - "The camping spots are pretty rough. There is a large parking area near the entrance that has pit toilets. This is where we stayed in our 65ft long rig but there are several more camping spots up the road. Most are going to require 4x4 and high clearance due to dips at their entrance". If you check out the photos it looks like people brought some larger rigs in there, but I'd assume they didn't go very far up the road.