Question about Meriwether Lewis Campground

ray asked on 9/17/2019

Do I need reservations for Meriwether Lewis Campground?

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Answered on 10/3/2019:

Ditto on the No Reservations - First Come Fist Serve answers.
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Answered on 10/3/2019:

Nope, it's first come first serve. They don't take reservations at all. But they do have a camp host, so once you get there someone will come say hello and write down that you are there. You can stay up to 14 days at a time, and 30 days total in a year. Hope that helps.
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Answered on 10/3/2019:

They don't take reservations. First come, first serve. When I was there it was pretty deserted, but the temperatures were in the teens, so.