Question about Manzanita Lake Campground


HGalle asked on 12/19/2021

Is this campsite near all the attractions in Lassen nat'l park, or will I have to drive to them?

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Answered on 12/21/2021:

Manzanita Lake is at the far northern entrance of the park. You will have to drive to most of the attractions all south of the camp. But if there is lots to explore at the camp. Kayaking, great fishing, hike around the lake. The campground gets very full and your packed in and dusty in the summer. Have fun!
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Answered on 12/20/2021:

Manzanita Lake is located in the upper northwestern area of the park. Yes, you’ll have to drive to all attractions except the lake and a few hiking trails which begin in/near the campground. Note that there’s a camp store, showers and a small laundry room at the entrance to the campground-very convenient!