Question about Many Glacier Campground

Hardy asked on 2/3/2020

Today there were 2 Campsites free till 4pm (German Time). The campsites were gone within 2 seconds.
How do I get a campsite at Many Glacier Campground until the beginning of August (August 3-5)? I would appreciate a positive answer? Best regards Hardy

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Answered on 2/11/2020:

Same experience Hardy. Very challenging to reserve online for Many Glacier this year since there is NO first served due to road construction. Looking for other sites... Mitch
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Answered on 2/4/2020:

Hello Hardy. Last summer my husband and I drove to the Many Glacier campground without a reservation, just hoping one would be available. We we lucky that one site in the “Rerserved” section had vacated a day early for just one night (otherwise we would find something outside the park). The key was my husband got up at 3:30am the next morning to park (and sit in) our vehicle, he was 2nd in line, to wait for the rangers to come by at 7:30am to assign a campsite for those waiting in line for a “First Come - First served” camp sight which we then enjoyed for the next week. We got an AMAZING site that way! If you only wait to reserve, you have to book a site farther in advance. This method works though and it was worth the trouble. Good luck!