Question about Madison Campground

sp asked on 2/7/2022

Do they have water to fill tanks at Madison Campground? Thanks!

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Answered on 2/7/2022:

Yes they do. They have a large dumping station and fresh water supply at the entrance to the campground. This is as of Sept 2021 when we were there.
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Answered on 2/7/2022:

Yes-but not like at commercial campgrounds. There is a water fill station (2 per camp loop) that is a handle that you hold turned on and can fill a container. It is not threaded for a hose connection. I suggest having a 5-gallon water can, or you can use a couple of gallon water jugs and a funnel and top off your fresh water holding tank this way. There is water also available at the dump station. Also, there are nice but basic bathrooms (2 per loop) and each of these have a dishwashing sink area in the buildings. So you can wash dishes there if you prefer.