Question about Madden Peak Road Dispersed Camping

DirtTrailJunkies asked on 8/3/2021

We were at Madden Peak Road recently and had no internet. According to some of the reviews, people worked in this area and claimed it has great signal. We were parked close to highway 160 and had no signal. We have a router with an AT&T sim card, plus our phones, AT&T and Verizon. The Verizon phone did not have wifi. So my question is how was anyone able to work in a place that does not have wifi? What equipment do you have? Do you work on a computer or your phone? Thanks!

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Answered on 9/27/2021:

We just pulled in today and we are getting great signal. T-mobile has 4 bars and att WiFi is at full strength. We are probably a mile or so in from 160.
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Answered on 9/10/2021:

That’s weird: there’s great reception here all along the road where the campsites are... Camped here for weeks and always had signal...
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Answered on 8/6/2021:

We used our Verizon jetpack, it was fast. The cell tower is located across the valley to the south, perhaps it was down for service?
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Answered on 8/4/2021:

We used Verizon postpaid data (non-network managed) via a hotspot device with a MIMO antenna to help increase the signal strength. No problems for us.
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Answered on 8/4/2021:

We were there summer of 2019. We had a ton of Tmobile signal. Used phone as hot spot. As I remember microwave towers are straight across the valley, line of sight. Good luck
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Answered on 8/4/2021:

I have a Wilson weBoost but in the spot I had, which was kind of an overlook facing south toward 160, had really fast Verizon signal without the booster in July of 2017 when I was there. It may have been the fact that I was on the overlook, with less obstruction. Or, maybe the tower was down. I'm not sure! I use my phone and an ipad to work.
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Answered on 8/4/2021:

I have a Verizon unlimited data plan that allows my phone to work as a wifi hotspot. This enables my laptop to use the phone's cell data via wifi. I also have the PdaNet app on my phone and my laptop, which enables the laptop to use the phone's cell data via a USB cord - effectively as a wired ethernet. PdaNet works only on Verizon on Android phones, not on ATT and not on an iphone.