Question about Lone Pine Campground

Happyjack asked on 5/14/2021

How many sites are first come and where can water be obtained to fill a rv?

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Answered on 5/15/2021:

I honestly don't remember how many sites there were, but we stayed on #38 if that says anything - but as far as how many were w/o reservations I cant tell you. We never make reservations, but got the last decent spot for a small RV. IT was in June, 2019. Also don't remember the water, but it wasn't dispersed so I'm guessing there must have been water, and there was a camp host.
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Answered on 4/14/2023:

Well none right now because it’s closed until further notice and the way the US Forest Service/ Federal Government works it’s going to be awhile. It was damaged from the 2023 January storms. We drove up to the locked gate and there is no explanation no nothing. Our Government at its best.