Question about Lake Francis State Park


Walkinghead asked on 9/2/2021

Does anyone know how strong the Verizon Wireless signal is at Lake Francis State Park? Is streaming possible? Have work related Zoom call to make. Thanks!

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Answered on 9/3/2021:

I haven't been there in years, but my gut says, NO to streaming, based on living in northern New England. I did a little searching and the area is right on the line for no Verizon service, as well as interference from Canadian Cell. Then I poked a little further by asking "What is the cell service like in Pittsburg and Colebrook?" It's limited. You best find wifi. The issue is that not many people live in that area. You could also call the campground.
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Answered on 9/2/2021:

We had very little Verizon service at Lake Francis. Got a call standing in the CT River there but none at the campground or surrounding area. This was July of this year. The campground is awesome though if you can be off the grid!