Question about Lake Conasauga Campground

1016 asked on 3/16/2023

Anyone take a travel trailer to this campground and if so what size can you get in the sites. I have a 26 ft bumper pull

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Stephen Rice
Stephen Rice
Whitesburg, GA

Answered on 3/17/2023:

I personally wouldn't do it. I've seen larger ones up there, but still wouldn't do it. The road up is narrow, the campground has tight turns. Popups up to 16' TT Is doable pretty easy. After that you are on your own. This is my personal opinion. ><>----
Jonesboro, GA
30' Jayco
Ford 2013 F-150 Ecoboost
44 reviews

Answered on 3/16/2023:

I got my 30’ Jayco up there. The CG hosts remembered me years later as the biggest camper they’d ever seen up there. I wouldn’t do it again. It’s super steep, narrow and rutty. It’ll push your trailer to the limit unless it’s set up for off-road suspension. The biggest problem though is a hairpin turn about 3 miles before the campground. I had to jackknife my truck to make the turn. Super dangerous and almost had my wheel off the edge coming down. So go for it at your own risk. You can probably make it but it’s got some sketchy moments. It was amazing to have my TT up there though! Amazing CG!