Question about La Posa South LTVA

Kc asked on 6/12/2021

Are there a lot of snakes in this area?

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Answered on 11/5/2021:

Have not seen any snakes yet, but a head's up: You may want to avoid attracting scorpions to your rig. They enjoy dark places to hide (things to hide under) a lot of water on the ground, and a lot of bugs. So, if you keep around your rig clear of clutter/ground cover, dry, and clear of food debris you are going to be in a much better position.
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The Gypsy Witch
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Answered on 6/13/2021:

I've stayed 2 seasons so far and saw a snake once. I never walk where I can't see the ground in front of me. I would say there is no huge issue with snakes.
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Answered on 6/13/2021:

There are snakes everywhere in the desert, but I did not encounter any during the three months I was there.