Question about King Road Dispersed Camping

Robert asked on 1/15/2020

How is it that you were able to stay on BLM Land without paying? The cost to stay is $40 for 14 days.

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Answered on 1/15/2020:

No charge at King Rd. It's just standard BLM land like all over the west, not one of the longer term visitor areas. Free with a 14 day limit. No services, just open land. There are several BLM long term visitor areas nearby. Those have various charges, with the main ones being $40 for two weeks, or $180 for up to 7 months. The main ones are near Quartzsite and north of Yuma near Imperial Dam. In all, I've stayed about 4 months in that area.
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Answered on 1/15/2020:

That's only at the LTVA sites near Quartzsite and a couple in California. Most BLM land is 14 day limit free camping.
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Answered on 1/16/2020:

Perhaps you are referencing the cost of a 14 day stay at a Long Term Visitor Area (LVTA). There is no fee to camp at the King Road BLM.
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Answered on 1/15/2020:

I have stayed on BLM land without a fee. I think there is no fee for 14 days but there is a fee for long term camping.