Question about Kingman Wash Dispersed Camping

Dave asked on 11/16/2019

I am an international traveller with a rental mustang. Is it safe to drive it to the shore? How can I get a permit?

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Answered on 9/2/2020:

It is safe. I drive a Honda Accord there all the time right up to the shore. Rarely, the road is washed out from a bad storm. Be careful reversing away from the shore, because you might run over a large rock or campfire you forgot was there. Happens more than you think!
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Answered on 11/17/2019:

Yes it is safe (?), but the road is "washboard" that is felt like you'd just ran over a series of speed bumps. I would feel much better with 4 wheel drive. Lots of loose small stones and gravel near the beach. You may need to park close the the dirt road and not close to the lake. NO permit required.