Question about Keysville North Recreation Site

Dustin_hall asked on 10/7/2019

if you enter keysville road from the 155, and continue until you can cross over the creek on the right, this is where my family generally prefers to camp. We have several younger children, and this area is a great place for them to ride around the oval track where we can keep our eye on them-
My question- Do you often or ever have issues with motorhomes trying to get over that creek crossing? We are in the market for a motorhome, and this spot is important to us. Im aware i can make mods to a higher rear end etc. Thanks in advance.

PS-Looking at a 37" MH.

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Answered on 10/8/2019:

Hi Dustin, It's been awhile since we went to Keysville area so memories are vague! Reading others' reviews it sounds a bit hit-and-miss regarding the type of people you'd encounter there, which would concern me if I had kids. Sorry I don't know the specific creek you refer to. I can only make a general comment about RV's/size: (a) we prefer 5th-wheels which can be a bit easier over uneven terrain. (b) We had a 32ft 5th wheel, but after 10 years downsized to a 27ft, simply because the larger the RV, the harder it is to get into many sites, so reducing your choice and options. Smaller is Better - but of course with kids that alters factors. Sorry this isn't any help to you!! ;-)