Question about Kelbaker Boulders


Michael asked on 5/28/2022

I have a small vw hatchback and I plan on tent camping from it around the country this summer. Would my car be adequate to drive a bit into this campground and then hike out to a camping site? I think most of the people mentioning getting stuck in the sand have larger cars or full on RVs.

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Answered on 5/28/2022:

There is one spot before the boulders if you go past it you will get stuck.
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Answered on 5/28/2022:

The initial entry is hard packed dirt up the the front side of the Boulders spot itself and your car would be fine if that spot is open. The front is the more picturesque and is the spot most pics are posted. Trying to drive farther in or around the back side will not be possible in your vehicle. If the main spot is taken, you can park off the main entrance road and walk to the back to set up your tent. Hope that helps.