Question about Kachess Campground

Tree Plant

Tree Plant asked on 8/20/2022

Is there potable water available at the campground? Ones where you can use a hose to fill up an RV water tank?

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Answered on 7/13/2024:

The Dump station has been closed since the NFS sold out to private interests. As you enter past the Guard station take a right and cross the bridge, they finally provided a water fill spot. If your fill point is on your driver's side you will have to enter the wrong way, but there is a close loop to get out. If you know how to drive-park-and back-up most of the spots will suit you. The water spouts around the campground do not have threads so bring what experienced R.V.'er's use.
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Answered on 8/23/2022:

There is water available at the dump station. Walkerwalkabout is right about the tight curves and the pull thrus are tight and back ins can be hard due to the narrow roads. We have a 25' TT and had problems getting into a back in. Great campground but I'm not sure I would want to take a 40' vehicle there. With that said I did see a couple of large Class A's in pull thrus but not in back ins.
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Answered on 8/22/2022:

I just can't recall, but I notice you are in a 40' C. I had a 40' A when I was there. My rig is the 2nd photo posted. The photo doesn't show it well, but that is a 80 degree turn and the road is 8' wide. you need absolute precision. The trees were low and wide. I had a pull-thru reserved but the slight curve of the pull-through was never going to fit my straight rig. ;) I switched to a back-in and couldn't have done it without spotters. just saying.. it is possible, but be ready for a challenge. you'll be giving the person not behind the wheel a chore as your guide. Good luck!