Question about Joe Skeen Campground

Rhino1977 asked on 6/3/2021

If all the spots are filled then can I camp anywhere off of one of those dirt roads? That campground closed sign said dispersed camping allowed anywhere on El Mapais Conservation right? I'm looking for dispersed camping and it's my first time so that's why I'm clueless. Thanks!

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Answered on 6/4/2021:

You are correct. Recommend that you use an app such as US Public Lands though in order to verify that you are on the Conservation Lands. Some of that highway runs on the eastern border so if you go east on a dirt road you might end up off of the public land area.
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Answered on 6/4/2021:

Dispersed camping is allowed. I have done it many times. Especially if it’s BLM and there is no signage prohibiting it. If all the spots are filled, I have camped in between spots a few times. That is probably the easiest going campground. Don’t sweat it. You’ll be fine. Beautiful country there.
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Answered on 10/15/2021:

First, make absolutely *sure* you are on public land and not private land! Then, try not to create a new camping site; look for evidence that someone has been there before. Pack it out with you when you leave. Be respectful of the land and your fellow dispersed campers. Enjoy your public lands.
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Answered on 6/4/2021:

It’s best to camp your in the campgrounds. If full right before gate there are places. Also on the top part, most campers have no problem with you setting up .