Question about Jalama Beach County Park

Tomwicklund asked on 1/25/2020

Beaches dog friendly?????

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Answered on 1/25/2020:

Yes, but dogs need to be on a leash at all times. The beach is a great place to walk or run your dog. Some people take their dog off leash at either end of the beach to let them run and have fun. There is a $3 per day per dog fee. There are disposable bags throughout the park.
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Answered on 10/26/2020:

I was told by a ranger years ago, dogs on leash between the two points. South of the south point or north of the north point does not belong to the County so the rangers didn't care. Our old Lab was fine because she stayed right with us and was fine with all other dogs. Our new Lab pup would probably swim to Japan... so leash it is for her!
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Answered on 9/24/2020:

Yes. Says to have on leash but we saw lots off leash