Question about Indiana State Fairgrounds Campground

atlantacamper asked on 2/24/2020

Did you feel that it was safe to stay at the fairgrounds? Looking to visit this summer, during that leg of the trip it will just be the kids and I (hubby is flying out to join us later)... safety is a concern. Our reason for going through Springfield is to visit the Lincoln library and other historical sites. Thanks everyone!

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Liz & Jake
Liz & Jake
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Liz & Jake

Answered on 2/25/2020:

We felt completely safe at the Fairgrounds - no concerns. We locked our doors and chained our bikes, but that's common practice for us anyways.
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Answered on 2/24/2020:

I tried to stay there last summer. Arrived and set up my RV. Then called them to make payment. They told me the state fair was coming up and I could not stay there because of an influx of workers the next morning. Their website said nothing about that so I had to pack up, leave and drive a few hours to another spot. Yes, the city is a dump and very depressing. The fair grounds is surrounded by a chain link fence so probably safe but it's not a city I would want to pass through ever again. And since you can't make a reservation you're rolling the dice.