Question about Hurricane Cliffs Designated Dispersed Campsites 1-12

Independentlezzy asked on 4/17/2022

Are any of these sites accessible for big rigs? (44' toy hauler plus truck.)

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Answered on 8/30/2022:

Yes we r here now in spot #1 with a 40ft coach & 24ft boat. Road in is a bit corrugated but other than that, we got in no sweat.
Elk Grove Village, IL
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Answered on 6/2/2022:

Yes, if they're open when you arrive. #8 could handle you.
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Answered on 4/18/2022:

Answer: 'it depends' Recommendation: You should absolutely pull off (plenty of room), d/c, and drive back there and look for yourself. First, there is a lot of room out there. There is a pretty smooth and wide dirt road that goes straight back. There are offshoot .... roads may be a generous term ..... where you can pull in and find a spot. I had no problems in one of the first spots with my 47' 5th DRV. However, if I'd gone to the end of the trail, they would have needed a helicopter to get my rig out. Rutted, pitted, narrow and no way to turn around. My information is 2 years old, and I know that it *all* depends on how the spring went. If it mudded up, and folks dug furrows trying to get out, you will be out of luck. Wonderful place to set up shop. Sunsets are gorgeous, not far from the parks, or from town. Best of luck!
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Answered on 4/18/2022:

Yes. I have a small travel trailer but there were large Class A’s and 5th wheels up there. Access to the sites is via a gravel road that is in good shape unless it is raining.