Question about Hot Spring North LTVA

Tashie85 asked on 2/14/2021

Is hearing gunfire normal at Hot Spring North LTVA?

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Answered on 1/10/2023:

In the back part of the site away from people there is an area where people have definitely been target practicing. Lots of shotgun shells and bullet casings on the ground back there.
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Answered on 12/8/2022:

I’m here now for 4 weeks and I never heard one gunshot.

Answered on 2/19/2021:

You are likely hearing the air cannons used to keep critters out of the nearby fields. Been here several years and occasionally some duck or coyote hunters my pass through, that's about it.
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Answered on 2/15/2021:

I was there for a week, and was very quiet...never heard any gunfire