Question about Harshaw Road Dispersed Camping

Jeanne asked on 2/5/2021

Just curious if Harshaw Road is busy on a Saturday afternoon. Also, is it easy for a 26' travel trailer to get to? Thanks

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Answered on 2/6/2021:

There is space for 4-6 rigs to camp with privacy. More space is available further up the wash, but tree clearance was an issue for us in our motorhome. We never had more than one neighbor during our week long stay. The road in is paved. There is a slope down to the gravel as you enter, but you should be fine with a 26’ trailer. We stayed in the spot just off the road to the left to get better sun for solar. Road noise wasn’t an issue.
J Michael
J Michael
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Answered on 2/7/2021:

I was there in Feb 2018. Jason is right about accessibility, it shouldn’t be an issue. I can remember if I was there on. Saturday, but I drove quite a ways past the camping area up into the hills and eventually came to a gated stopping area. Long story short, they mine in the hills and various types of mining vehicles (occasionally) drive up and down Kershaw Road well into the evening and start again before sunrise. I didn’t find it much of a bother, but it’s something to be aware of. I did feel pretty safe as there were a couple other campers at the site. Happy travels!