Question about Green Road Dispersed Camping


Bigfootscabin asked on 5/19/2021

Can a 20’ trailer get in or just tent camping?

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Answered on 8/1/2022:

We were able to get a 26 foot travel trailer and truck into one of the campsites. I’m not sure how many could accommodate the size.
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Answered on 10/10/2021:

A 20 foot trailer could probably make it back there as long as the road wasn't too wet. You would have go slow and watch for low branches. We came in from the north off Forest Trail and had to stop halfway through because the road was wet, loose sand and low branches. It's also very complicated to pass or turn around but with a small trailer it could be done.
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Answered on 5/20/2021:

I visited the area but didn't camp. Check out the review from August '18 by Life On 8 Wheels. But as always, scout out before heading into off-road areas in an RV.