Question about Goose Island Campground

Kathy asked on 2/18/2020

Does Goose Island Campground take reservations?

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Answered on 2/19/2020:

No, they don't. We got there mid-morning in July and were able to get a spot for 3 or 4 days. Most people come and go in a night so hopefully, there would be a spot for you. It's so beautiful and the soak in the River at the end of the day was lovely!
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Answered on 2/18/2020:

It’s first come first serve every morning. Get there early but once you get a site, it’s yours for 10-14 days if you want.
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Answered on 2/18/2020:

Yes they do. We got lucky and just arrived but the place was filled and we were in overflow until a space opened up. Try the water side...
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Answered on 2/18/2020:

I believe it's first come first served. During off season it's unmanned but still open.

Answered on 9/22/2020:

No, it’s first come first serve except for the group sites.