Question about Glory Hole Recreation Area

Cj asked on 3/20/2022

Is there reasonable WiFi, enough to have a web meeting?

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Answered on 6/13/2022:

Completely dependent on which site you’re in, because of all the hills and dips etc. At my first site, I got intermittently one bar or nothing of AT&T; at my second site, I got consistently 3 to 4 bars of AT&T and T-Mobile.
Colfax, CA
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Answered on 3/21/2022:

Using my Verizon phone as a hotspot I got 40 Mbps. In the exact same spot using my Verizon MiFi hotspot I barely got 4 Mbps...not sure why. I'm on top of a hill.
Danville, CA
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Answered on 3/21/2022:

There is no wifi, but there is cellular coverage. Therefore, you can create a personal wifi hotspot to access the internet from a laptop. I did this and conducted quite a few web meetings from the campsite. I'm on AT