Question about Glorietta Canyon Road Dispersed Camping

rondi asked on 2/10/2023

The satellite view look like it is a straight road with pullouts on both sides of the road. How is the road--hard packed, soft sand, big potholes? Do you think a class A can get in and out ok, assuming normal weather?

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Answered on 2/13/2023:

The road due south from the highway was very hard. It then turns west and then south again to this point (noted on Google Maps) Glorietta Canyon As it continues west it becomes more sandy and eventually only suitable for 4WD as you get closer to the canyon. As always, scout ahead and check to see if there are any available sites that'll fit. Your rig. Most of the larger sites as I recall were on the main road in and they got smaller as you got further back. Also, the jurisdiction of this area was never clearly determined so of course accessibility could have changed in the few years since I was last there. But the more recent reviews look promising so good luck!