Question about Gilbert Ray Campground

TwoChihuahuasTraveling asked on 2/6/2023

Are the skies pretty dark? Yes,I know that they're pretty, but, we'd love to see the stars! Thanks!

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Answered on 2/8/2023:

Skies are dark enough, but we don’t study the stars in as much detail as you might. It really is pretty dark though at Gilbert Ray. People keep lights on under and around their vehicles to discourage packrats, so not as dark on the ground as you might wish…
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Answered on 2/7/2023:

You can see stars but there are lights here and there as well as campers who keep lights on at night so it's not a true dark sky area.
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Answered on 2/7/2023:

Tucson has one of the best views of the night sky and the campground is away from city lights so I assume you would have a great view depending on the weather