Question about Gibson Park Campground

Julie asked on 1/16/2020

Do I need to make a reservation or get a permit?

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Answered on 4/21/2021:

Reservations are optional, and probably not necessary, meaning that there will probably be a campsite available for drive up campers.
TerryKing MaryAliceOsborne
TerryKing MaryAliceOsborne
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Answered on 3/19/2021:

Recently (February 21) there was no answer at the reservations number (off season). We just took an open pad and the host showed up later.. said No Problem.. River was VERY high...
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Answered on 2/13/2020:

there were plenty of camping spaces available when we came and I called 5 hours before we arrived. If you are talking about the boat ramp, I can answer that question.