Question about Forest Road 611 East Rim Dispersed Camping

Lolli&Pop asked on 5/30/2021

We plan to camp here in late Sept 2021. We will stay in Tuba City the night before (1.5 hour drive) and try to get up early to grab a spot the next morning. Is there anywhere to resupply with food or ice close to FR 611 or do we need to be totally stocked up when we leave Tuba City. Of course we would love a spot on the Rim. Suggestions for spots? We have a small 16' A Liner so we can fit in a small space. Are the spaces spread out? I anticipate cold cold nights and would love to run a small inverter generator but don't want to bother the neighbors.

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Answered on 6/1/2021:

When we were there, there was a gas station just outside the entrance to FR 611. Not sure if it is still open but it had essentials and basic supplies. Also a food truck was parked there and had awesome Tacos. It is family owned and operated, maybe a 20 minute drive depending on how far back you choose a camp site. Do not worry about noise, sites are spread out, we ran ours daily with no problem.
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Answered on 5/30/2021:

Depeding on what you need, there are convenience stores within 1 hr drive at North Rim and Jacob Lake (check operating hours this time of year). The closest grocery store would be in Page, AZ, ~2.5 hrs. Enjoy!
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Answered on 5/30/2021:

I believe that the closest place to buy things would be in Jacob Lake. When we were there, it was difficult to find water for our holding tank. We ended up filling up at Lee’s Ferry, but it may not be available now. I see that the kaibab camper village provides water for their guests, so you may want to call before going. The spaces are far apart where we were on the rim. We had no problem running our generator in our 25’ motorhome.
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Answered on 5/30/2021:

There are a number of good spots on the road, they are all spaced out well. I was surprised I got that perticular one.