Question about Forest Road 535 Dispersed Camping

djnewtdog asked on 8/11/2021

Hey everyone! Does anyone know roughly how many spots there are along Forest Road 535? Coming from CA and don't want to show up with nowhere else to go. Is it a "just keep driving" until there's an opening kind of deal? Likely going on weekday as well. Hoping that helps - Thanks!

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Answered on 8/12/2021:

Not sure the exact number but there were a lot. We drove about 15-20 minutes on the road before we found our spot away from everyone else. It’s crowded at the bottom and then there are some rough patches of road but if you make it past that you’re good. We were in a 27 foot Thor Vegas which does not have a lot of clearance and made it up fine but if you’re super long you might struggle.
27' Coachmen Leprauchaun
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Answered on 8/12/2021:

Many spots on either side of road. 30-40 openings through the switchbacks and up on the flat area after switchbacks. There is many more up the next hill after it flattens out but it is steep, I saw mostly truck campers and tenters up that way. I never saw an end to the camping area riding my bike up a few miles!